Conference Sessions

  1. Energy resources and sustainable development

    Integrated energy policy concerning the sustainable development; characteristics of available energy resources used for power generation by thermal /hydro/wind and other Power Plants in the following period; planning, effective consumption, perspectives of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources exploitation for Power Generation.

  2. Liberalization of electricity market, impact on supply security, energy efficiency and effective operation of Power Plants

    Development and operation of the deregulated energy market; energy efficiency of all processes and equipments used for power generation by thermal /hydro/wind and other Power Plants; research and modeling of processes in steam boilers, turbines and other equipment of thermal /hydro/wind and other Power Plants; combined production of heat and power, reliability and availability of facilities and Power Plants; effective utilization and reduction of fuel consumption; optimization of processes, equipment, facilities and whole Power Plants; economic handling of processes; rationalizations and innovations of the production processes; introduction of system of quality.

  3. Questions concerning Power Plants life cycle extension and introduction of new clean coal and low carbon power generation technologies and equipments

    Policy and instruments for investment in new facilities; diagnostic of equipment conditions and remaining exploitation period, process diagnostic, planning, realization and analysis of revitalization, improvements of mechanical and electrical equipment.

  4. Thermal / hydro / wind and other Power Plants exploitation problems

    Development and application of diagnostic methods and equipment for process monitoring and management; improvement of equipment regarding occurring processes; contemporary production organization, methods and tools for equipment maintenance.

  5. Environmental and climate aspects of power generation by thermal / hydro / wind and other Power Plants

    Ecological and climate aspects of renewable energy sources exploitation and combustion of fossil fuels for power generation; methods, technical and technological solutions and equipment for decreasing SOx, NOx, PM, as well CO2 emission and pollution/degradation of air, waterways and soil caused by Power Plants operation; environmental protection practice.