Poziv za Donatore

We would like to inform You and Your Company about the International Conference Power Plants 2018 and to emphasize that Your participation at the International Conference and possible donation from Your Company would be a great support to successful organization of the International Conference.


A donator can become a company or an institution from the industry, which would help in realization of the program, anticipated for the International Conference. By accepting the donator ship, a donator obligates to help the organizer of the International Conference to establish adequate conditions for the exchange of scientific and expertise information and experiences of the professionals from Power industry from the region, their equipment suppliers and regional faculties and institutes.

Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia, as a non profit organization, will use donations only for the adequate organization of the International Conference, edition of the Proceedings, and publication of the selected papers in the Journals: THERMAL SCIENCE and TERMOTEHNIKA.

All donors receive clear recognition:

  1. at the event web side,
  2. on Sign and Banner at the International Conference,
  3. in all printed material for the Conference participants.


  1. THE MAIN DONATOR – 5 000 Euro
  2. MAJOR DONATOR – 3 000 Euro
  3. DONATOR – 1 000 Euro

If You are interested in supporting organization of this International Conference, for further information, please contact: Prof Dragoslava Stojiljković, the Vice president of the Organizing Committee, phone: +381 11 337 02 99 or Secretary of the Organizing Committee, phone: +381 11 245 56 63, or by an e-mail: e2018@drustvo-termicara.com

If your company decide to donate this International Conference, it’s possible to take out all payment in monthly rates during 2018 year, but till the end of October 2018.

For further and more detailed information about POWER PLANTS 2018 International Conference, please visit our web site https://e2018.drustvo-termicara.com

Hoping that we will have a good cooperation in realization of the International Conference POWER PLANTS 2018, 


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Poziv donatori konferencije na engleskom

Poziv za donatore